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Demonstrations in Dublin: Example !

6th July 2013
Who does not remember Savita Halappanavar. Her death has invoked several demonstrations at Dublin, both in favour of (by mostly younger people) as well as against  (mostly by seniours) the abortion in the past. While roaming around Dublin city-center today (after seeing the Museum, with history from thousands of years of BC (from Ireland), besides one special section on Egyptian (real) Mummies,  it became a memorable day.
Thousands of people (estimates of 35000) demonstrated around the 'city center' with pamphlets, balloons, posters (" I am for life"), and loud speakers walking through the city center.  It was one of the unprecedented rallies I have ever seen.  What was more concerned was the presence of the "pro-abortion people" standing (in minority) both sides of the street with posters such as "my life, my health, my choice" or "I am a woman, not a womb"etc.  The impressive part of the whole display was that there was no incidence at all.  Police had all arrangements with reasonable presence since morning- which surprised me, as the main reason was not known by that time.
I am just thinking, had this level and type of demonstration been in some other country, what would have not happened!


July 12, 2013 update: A bill has been passed in Irish lower house for limited abortion after a long debate on several points.

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