गुरुवार, जुलाई 07, 2011

20-20 cricket tournament in Champawat

My house is located in a small village DARAH about 500 meters beyond this place.  I also played football/ cricket in those fields during my childhood.  After about 35 years, this photograph is taken by me while going to market to get some essential items.  While playing in those fields, I used to keep a close watch on this path such that I reach home before my father (from the market).  Rarely I could do it easily, provided that the game did not involve us to the extent it usually does.

But I myself am amazed at this scene.  This so called cricket field is not at all a field.  These are the staircase type small fields, which are used by these men (many of whom are undergraduates) as a cricket field for a full-fledged 20 day 20-20 cricket tournament.  It is about 2:30 PM and there are a number of spectators enjoying the game.  I was told that there is some entry fee and the teams taking part are from various parts of the Champawat (Tilon, Chakku, Bazar, etc etc.).  Cheers!