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What do they want (Protests in Dec. 2012 in India)

2012: What do ‘they’ want? [दिल्ली की दिसंबर 2012 की घटना के बारे में ]

This is the question I came across with many of my friends when I traveled from South to North and back during 3rd and 4th week of December 2012.  It was about the protests in Delhi (later spread in the country) after the brutal incident of 16th Dec. 2012 on the streets of Delhi in a running bus.

The protests  begun with the slogans such as “ we want JUSTICE” or “Meri skirt se unchi meri aawaaz hai ("मेरी स्कर्ट से ऊँची मेरी आवाज़ है) ”, “Nazar Teri Buri aur Parda Main Karun? (नज़र तेरी  बुरी  और  पर्दा   मैं  करूँ ?)” etc. etc.  The protests followed with closure of 10 Metro stations in Delhi, lathi charge, tear gas, water spary by police on the protesters; even death of one police constable.  India gate remained closed and I had to negotiate my way in Delhi for a change over on Monday, 24th Dec.

One of the news (that came to light later), I came across was that just before the main incidence, the perpetrators robbed a daily worker and dropped him near IIT Delhi gate.  The robbed man went to one of the police stations to report the incidence. Had the police started a swift action on this incidence, the subsequent events could have been avoided.   

Photograph on the right shows the mood of the nation (Headline: A young woman dies, a nation mourns) through a National newspaper (The HINDU is an established old National newspaper) after the death of the girl.
So, besides the delay in the judicial system, it is the daily life of individuals in India that is at the stake.  The brutal event behind these protests confirms the fact that the daughters in India can even be killed even on the streets of metro with no fault of theirs!  The police and the security system is just a mute spectator.  Worst still, the police could actually be against you at times, with several hidden reasons.  This is in contrast with the west, where if you go to police, you would have found the best protection on the earth!   In India, no one would even approach the police due to fear of harassment at a later date.  People at least have respect  for the Traffic police, as these are visible on the streets for a good cause and make people follow rules.  
Therefore, what "they" want now is “Police must be paid & trained well and trained to act secular in India. Citizen be educated to respect all on ‘war footing’.” 

Prem, Dec. 30, 2012

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Couplets of Kabir (कबीर के दोहे)

Kabirdas has been relevant more than even when he wrote these couplets.  I am trying to collect some of them (mostly from internet, till I get a text book).  Some of the Hindi  version is my effort, as roman character does not give the real feel:

१. कबीरा  खड़ा बाज़ार  में , मांगे सबकी  खैर
ना काहू  से  दोस्ती ,ना  काहू  से  बैर ।

२. साईं  इतना  दीजिये , जामे  कुटुंब  समाये
 में भी  भूखा  ना  रहूँ , साधू  न  भूखा  जाए.

३. कबीरा खड़ा  बाज़ार  में  लिए  लुकती  हाथ,
जो   घर  अपना  फूंक  दे  चले  हमारे  साथ ।
[Ref:  अभी तो आग चाहिए हमारी इस कुटिया को -? HELP -आशु - पूरा करें]

४. चिंता  ऐसी  डाकिनी , काट  कलेजा  खाए ,
 वैद बिचारा  क्या  करे, कहाँ  तक  दवा  लगाए ।

5. मूरख संग  न  कीजिये, लोहा  जल  न  तिराय,
 कदली,  सीप,  भुजंग मुख,  एक बूँद  तिहु  भाई.

6. जैसे  तिल  में  तेल  है , ज्यों  चकमक  में  आग,
 तेरा  साईं  तुझ  में  है , तू  जाग  सके  तो  जाग.

7. पाहन पूजे हरी मिलें, तो मै पूजूं पहाड़,
वा ते ता चाकी भली, पीसी खाय संसार।।
Worship- thats great-

8. कंकड़ पाथर जोड़ के, मस्जिद लयी बनाय,
9. माला फेरत जुग गया, गया न मन का फेर,

-काल करे सो आज कर, आज करे सो अब,
पल मैं परलय होएगी, बहुरि करोगे कब?
Do not try to delay things.

Following few are posted here with the courtesy Twitter ( by Debang)

10. कबीरा मैं तो तब डरौं, जो मुझ ही में होय,
 मीच बुढापा आपदा, सब काहु में सोय।

11. ऐसा कोई ना मिला, समझै सुने सुजान,
ढोल दमामा ना सुने, सुरत बिहूना कान ।

12. कबीरा गर्व न कीजिये, ऊंचा देखि आवास,

 काल परी भुंइ लेटना, ऊपर जमसी घास। 

------------- randonly remembered---------
13. जब मैं था तब हरि नहीं, अब हरि हैं मैं नाहिं.

14. पोथी पढ़ -पढ़ जग भय, पंडित भय न कोही.

15. बुरा जो देखन में चला, बुरा न मिलया कोय,
 जो मन खोजा आपणा, तो मुझसे बुरा ना कोय।

 16. करता था सो क्यों किया अब क्यों कर पछताए
       बोया पेड़ बबूल का आम कहाँ से खाए l
Must do some thing good to be appreciated later.

17. माटी कहे कुम्हार से, तू क्या रौंधे मोय
एक दिन ऐसा आयेगा, में रौंधुगी तोय (Aug. 10, 2013- courtesy-Twiitter; Debang)

18. मसि कागद छुयो नहीं, कलम गही नहीं हाथ.
Apparently Kabeer did not write,  his friends/students kept on noting them down (for us).

19. सब अँधियारा मिट गया जब दीपक देख्या माहिं.

20. ढाई आंखर प्रेम का, पढ़े सो पंडित होय.

21.  धीरे धीरे रे मना, धीरे सब कुछ होय,
माली सींचे सौ घढ़ा, ऋतू आये फल होय।
Do not panic. (Things take their time anyway. Relax).

22. मरि जांऊ मांगू नहीं, अपने तन के काज 
परमारथ के कारने, मोहि न आवै लाज 
( I may die but won't beg,  For charity, will beg without shame)