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Bhattwani, भट्टवानि , चुड़क्यानि

भट का रस :  एक पहाड़ी डिश।   भट्टवानि , चुड़क्यानि, काली कुमाऊँ, चम्पावत

This is about a typical pahari, rather Kumauni popular dish known as Bhattwani  (pronunciation will be correct if 'tt' and 'wa' are spoken almost together).  This particular version of 'Bhat ka ras' is available only in Kali Kumaun, not in Almora-NainiTal area.  I do not know if  in Pithoragarh this dish exists.   The only known 'Bhat ka ras' is Churkyani in Naini Tal - Almora area.  Another dish I have heard is the  Chains (चैंस), this time.
 Churkyani was rated the second by my mother as it was the easiest and quickest way of making a bhat ki dal.  One could quickly roast about a handful of bhat (black soyabeen) and just boil it once with some added flavours or salt-masala. This was for the working people, who come for lunch from the fields almost at the lunch time and the fire-wood chulhas would not be friendly to make a great dish.

The first rated dish was Bhattwani.  Almost a Ser (800 gm-1 Kg) of Bhat (for 4-5 people) was to be  boiled for about an hour and then all the bhat is taken out.  Only the Bhat ka ras (with a few bhats remaining in it) will be fried from on the upper surface with the flavour of Jambu (a grass sold/ exchanged by Bhotia people for Bhat/ khurshyani).  The bhats are eaten separately, if liked by any one.

Even in the following link by The Hindu, I did not find the name of either of the dishes of Bhat.  Have a look,  (click here) and be careful,  you may become sad with the current living standards:


भट का रस :  एक पहाड़ी डिश।   भट्टवानि , चुड़क्यानि


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