रविवार, अगस्त 03, 2014

डाका तो नहीं डाला , चोरी तो नहीं की है (Daka to nahin dala.... Hangama hai kyon barpa)

डाका तो नहीं डाला , चोरी तो नहीं की है। …। 

गुलाम अली साहब की ग़ज़लों का  गुलदस्ता 


This particular Ghajal is the famous -original one -which I always wanted to listen to. (This collection has been available since Mar 13, 2013- reasonably recent addition).

(He has sung it in many occasions with different styles).

This ghajal is one of the all time famous even for those - who does not have a taste for Ghajals ...

Specially in Naini Tal during 1980s.....

Enjoy.... "Hangama hai kyon barpa... thodi si jo pii lee hai" .. and "Aawargi..."


Aug. 3, 2014

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