शनिवार, जून 19, 2010

चम्पावत की खबरें, Some news about champawat visit

इस बीच गर्मियों की छुट्टियों हम मैं चम्पावत गये थे. वहाँ की खबरें बिस्तार से; The first one is through this image.
Activities under Savidya: (1). Newspaper report of 5th June 2010 on the distribution of 500 dress, medicines to students of about 7 schools at Kulethi.

(2). Anupam viewing the water from a village river on the microscope in the “Science resource center. Kulethi”.

(3). The photograph (of the Algy present in the water) taken by digital camera through the eyepiece is also shown.

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