रविवार, मार्च 29, 2009

Part 3: We need to keep the soul of the village alive, but HOW?

Do I remain the person where I come from? What about Mr. Obama?

India is a country with several ‘nationalities’. It is a good example for European Community which has come to existence in recent past. They have a single currency (single bank note) unlike Britain, for example, who have several. In certain parts of India Hindi is not understood at all. This is a fact. Those regions are very well placed in the main stream of Indian economy. Their food habits, cultures are reasonably different than those living in Hindi-Heartland of India. Here crop-in a few problems. For example, since last over a deade I stay in south India. I like south Indian food and other foods as well. I enjoy the sea-shore, I like the weather, I like what I am working on and the place where I am staying. But, what a shame, I do not yet know- how to shout ‘ Help!- Help!’ in Tamil!

Similarly, an Indian living in UK, USA or anywhere else would like Indian food, a French living in UK would prefer French food! That’s natural tendency. What is not warranted is that even after living for 40 years, I still try to be (mentally) from where I am. Instead of getting more integrated with the local culture, we somehow have opposite tendency. The problem is on the both the sides. It has to be addressed almost immediately by every one in this planet, before it becomes too late. On the contrary, Mr. Obama is a shining example which automatically unfolds an untold story in detail.

Especially the countries like India are changing extremely fast, their growth rates are more than 5%. The communication revolution has changed the lifestyle of people drastically. They are politically more cautious than the west. While in the west the telephones were used by general public way back, I was not able to afford a 10 minute telephone call from Chennai to Champawat due to two reasons. One, I had to go to a public booth, or book a telephone through the operator, second it was too expensive. Today the scene is entirely different. On the other hand it is interesting to note that people who left India about a few decades back (and visit India occasionally for short durations) have the same old understanding!

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